Change of Plans: DD and the Injured Hand

So, DD11 injured her hand during backyard gymnastics. We are going to get it checked out to see just how bad it is. Very swollen, but not bruising so it may not be broken. Needless to say it hurts and she is bummed. Our plane lands in Orlando this Sunday at 4:50 pm.

A couple questions:

  • What rides can you realistically ride while using just one hand? She may have difficulty gripping and bumping it could cause further pain.

  • Will the TMs let you ride if there is a bandage, splint, or cast? She is the most adventurous of our family and this is the first year she can ride everything. She will want to ride whatever she can. Obviously, if it’s broken we won’t allow her to ride. But a strain or even sprain…possibly.

We have the worst luck with this. Last trip to WDW I hurt my back in MA class and was dealing with spasms. I got as far as RRC and then called it quits. Hoping she can still have a great week at Uni!

Seriously, your family needs to learn to be safe and sit safely on the couch like a potato, where nothing bad can happen to you. :wink:

If it is broken, I assume they will cast it before you go…sometimes they wait to cast it so swelling can go down, which means it might just be a temporary cast before you leave. If they do cast it, though…probably is going to be okay for most rides.

If it is a bad sprain, she might have more problems with discomfort, but I don’t believe an ace-bandaged hand will prevent her from riding most things, either. It will be more about her comfort at that point. She will just need to be cautious, and maybe dose up on ibuprofen! :slight_smile:

Hope it works out. Sounds like you will be there the same time we’re there. (We’re driving, but also arrive on Sunday evening for our UOR trip during the week.) I’ll be on the lookout for an 11-year-old girl with a cast or bandaged hand and say hi!


Hope this helps.


I agree with this. I believe that most rides that would be affected at all only require the ability to have one fully functioning hand that can grasp.


On page 13 of the above mentioned guide it states that guests with casts can ride everything except Hulk.

This is a change from previous years where it was RRR, Mummy, Forbidden Journey and Hulk

At the end of the day though, you need to be prepared for a TM to inform you that you may not be able to ride. I’ve worked Ops at Six Flags & we were given discretion on certain attractions to allow or prohibit disabled riders - even if there was no signage or contradictory signage. They’d rather have a guest upset that they didn’t ride than a lawsuit if something happens after they did ride.


I had a feeling that this would be another one of those things that is left up to the inclinations of the Tm. I imagine that VC will especially be subject to this.

Glad to hear the rules are (mostly) in her favor though!

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Glad to hear that. I was thinking that most of the rides would require tight grips with both hands.

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Next visit that will be the case…no activity beforehand. Possibly self-induced comas until it is time to leave :crazy_face:

We will see later today if it is cast or other. Reassuring to know that either should be ok.

Yeah, our similar families seem to be doing very similar trips:
DW, DS12, DD11
5/16 - 5/22 CB with one night at RPR midway through.
D4 Whatever w/EP (RPR)
D5 Whatever w/EP

Doesn’t sound like I have to call an audible quite yet. Maybe child switch for Hulk and VC. But the most part the plan still seems solid.

Thanks for the advice!


I know you’re kidding, but I’ve started a “no heavy lifting” rule within 2 weeks before my trips. a few years ago. I’ve jacked up my back / neck more than once before a trip doing yard work or something. No reason to spend $1000’s just to want to be laying down because I’m hurt.


Great news…no break! Just a really sore hand with heavy tissue swelling. Maybe not ready for The Hulk and punching DS12…but ready for everything else.

Thanks all for the wise words!