Change name on annual pass before activating?

I purchased an annual pass that has not been activated. Can I reassign the name before I activate it? Can this be done at the ticket desk at the hotel? Or does it need to be done at guest services at the park?

You want to reassign it to another person? You should be able to do it yourself through MDE if it has not been activated.

This is Universal not Disney.

I don’t know the answer to the question. But I do know that Universal seems to have a problem with all passes sometimes being given the name of the purchaser. I know that happened to us and I’ve heard it happening to other people. I our case I just told them when I was getting the physical passes. Maybe just tell them that you bought the pass for someone else.

Sorry, I missed that. How was the pass bought? Are you using the payment plan?

I purchased the pass online, paid in full. I did call universal and they said they would change the name, but it’s still showing the original name in my wallet. Didn’t want to wait on hold again, just curious if it can be done in person when I get there.

Definitely but I have also found that Universal’s use of IT is weird.