Change is not as easy as Profmatt makes it out to be

I just spent an hour on the phone trying to modify a ADR from 4 to 5. My sister texts me Happy Fathers Day and by the way your niece wants to come to dinner with us on Friday. She is my niece and my God Daughter. She is the one who just graduated SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) the one who just got a job with ThemeWork, the Co. that does art work for theme parks like Disney and Universal. So of course being a good Uncle / Godfather I would do anything for her (she is my favorite Godchild and favorite niece.) Ok with that said I call Disney they find my ADR but can’t find that I’m on the DDP. After the find that I’m on the DDP they can’t modify the ADR the computer won’t let them. So she has to call text support, after 5-10 min with text support they can’t modify the ADR so the have to book a new one. No big deal you would think. Party of 5 handicapped seating and 1 vegetarian meal for Spirit of Aloha, ok all booked or is it. She gives me the new ADR # and cancels the old one. I log into MDE and nothing so I link the ADR manually it comes up party of 5 and nothing else. I let the CM know that it not listing handicapped seating nor 1 vegetarian meal. She tells me it is on her end and she put it in 3 times. Alright then I hang up and exit out of MDE I then log back in and nothing. I’m so stressed right now I’m ready to forget Disney and just check myself into a padded room. I try to link the ADR manually again, this time it comes up with party of 5 and handicapped seating, so I cancel my reservation for the padded room for now. I was told to call the day before to verify the vegetarian meal. After all is said and done I call my sister to let her know that I took care of everything and that I would call to double check on her vegetarian meal. She then lets me know not to worry about it that she would make dew with what they serve (only eating the salad, fruit, noodles, rice and veggies that comes with the meal.) You know after writing that out it seams ok that is what she eats any way, it is all you care to enjoy anyway. I’m sure we could order her a kids meal if it came to it either the pizza or the kids grilled fish (she does eat fish.) We are a fishing family after all if you could not tell by my name (but I’m picky I only eat shell fish out, I prefer to eat what I catch when at home.) So now all I have to worry about is storms and the dinner being canceled.


Of course you’re not going to find making changes easy. Don’t feel bad about that — but don’t compare yourself to me. I have had a vast amount of practice. Practice that might take an ordinary person years of determined effort and commitment. I’ve packed that hard work into a short time. But that’s the kind of dedicated person I am. Not everyone is — or can be — like me.


That thing - about it not showing up right on your end but correct on theirs - is very stress-inducing but quite common. I’m sure you’re all set.

Good work Uncle Joe!


I’m the person that lets people know months and months in advance abut trips and if they want to come along and no one helps me plan. Then last min it is while you are there we want to see you or come see you. I just spent $$$ to go to a park for the day now I’m supposed to cut my day short for you last min. At least with my sister she asked when we had time, when we were not in the parks to get together. This is why I made 2 ADRs during our stay that were at the resorts. One so we could see my Uncle (who is my Godfather) and his family and the other in case anyone else wanted to join us. The only part of FL that we don’t have friends and family is the pan handle.
At least I know that you had to work at it to get as good as you are so there might me some hope for me yet, even as unlikely as it is.


I got so stress about my ADRs that on my phone I took pictures of all of them. So if Disney’s computers go down I still have my ADR numbers and a copy of them. That is a good hack for when you park your car too, take a pick of where you parked and send it to someone in case you for get.


Very smart. Not certain it would help, but it WILL help you sleep tonight.