Change in dress code policy

Yea via eBay

I hope that’s a Hawaiian shirt with Mickey & Co. on it! I say go for it, and post some pics. :joy:

But when’s the reservation? 10th Nov or 11th Oct? Hope you haven’t missed it.


And I wear them almost exclusively now! So comfortable and, erm, airy…


I read somewhere recently that there’s a reason Hawaiians wear Hawaiian shirts.

Given that they have collars, maybe I’m thinking I’ll give them a try, instead of the more figure-hugging t-shirts I’ve worn in the past.

Since I have plain, smart shorts, the Hawaiian shirt combo might look good, and I’m complying with the letter of the law for signature dining.

I might get a pair of black sneakers to match it all with.


My DH wears Hawaiian shirts a lot (because I’ve bought them a lot! :grin:) and they can be VERY nice shirts - but you definitely get what you pay for, like the pocket perfectly matching the background fabric. One company from Hawaii we, er, he likes: Another line of really nice ones is anything from Tommy Bahama. I can’t believe a nicer Hawaiian shirt wouldn’t pass muster with most WDW restaurants!

So I googled Bermuda shorts and Wikipedia showed me a photograph of a gentleman who looked a little like Lord Baden Powell, with baggy shorts down to his knees and thick woolly socks up to his knees. An interesting look …and you said pink?

Thick woolly socks is a great call :joy::joy:

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Oh no…you don’t get away that easily. What colour? :wink:

I wonder if I’m allowed to express a view on this thread. Or whether it’s another “don’t bring your brain” thread.

In general, I think dress codes — other than those directly related to nudity and profanity — are pompous and ridiculous. I go to restaurants to enjoy the food, not to critique the other diners’ sartorial choices. Why are other people even looking at what I’m wearing, unless it’s obviously distracting. Which, ironically a Hawaiian shirt may be, but my plain t-shirts certainly are not.

You might speak to the atmosphere of a restaurant. And you may have a point. But I think that argument applies to very few of the signature restaurants. When I went to CG last year it was a zoo, with kids screaming and running around unchecked by the parents or the wait staff. It would be odd to single out my shockingly collarless shirt.

V&A is an exception that even I was willing to respect. Other than that I’m not so sure. Hotel restaurants may be in a different class to park restaurants. But themed restaurants in a theme park seem odd to require a particular mode of dress.

I haven’t thrown formal dinner or supper parties in my home since the early nineties. If I did so now I would be entirely indifferent to what my guests wore. It would be their company I would be seeking, not their wardrobe.


I didn’t think you had gone to CG?

Did you see about the price increase :sob:?

I like “don’t bring your brain”. Stealing.

I went for dinner last year. It was awful in almost every respect.

I don’t care about the price increases. I’ll have the deluxe DDP :smile:

Oh wait that’s right. How could I forget the awful “extra special” room you landed in.

It’s just the brunch you’ve missed.

I meant FOR ME about the price increase! I can not justify $95 for my kids who eat like birds to have breakfast :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I suspect you are just quite posh and I am not :joy: My parents wouldn’t dress that formally just to go to a friend’s house, maybe for a very nice restaurant.


I think the CG brunch would be poor value for me if I paid cash. Drinking alcohol at ten in the morning would be a huge mistake.

And frowned upon in the UK. Some years ago I had breakfast at the Savoy on my birthday. I asked for a mimosa to accompany it. There was outrage followed by an outright refusal to accede to my request.

You Brits oughta loosen up. Maybe a mimosa with breakfast would help! :wink:


Or do I say to hell with the rules and wear flip flops ?


It really wouldn’t. Alcohol (other than spirits) either makes me very loud (picture the tipping thread but as spoken word) or very sleepy. Neither seems optimal.

Oh Lordy

I can’t even

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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In fact nobody I know would use the word supper. We would invite someone round for tea. That’s what we call our evening meal, not even dinner and never supper.

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