Change in crowd levels effect on TPs

I have a personalized TP that I created for MK for 8/19. When I created it the predicted crowd level was a 7. Now it is a 9. If I “evaluate” the plan, shouldn’t the wait times increase a bit now that the crowd level is elevated?

They might change a bit, just go ahead and evaluate it and let us know the changes.

I did evaluate it, and they didn’t change at all. (???) Maybe my plan is just that good :wink:


I just re-evaluated all of my TP’s and no changes. I wonder if they haven’t filtered the changes in crowd predictions into the TP software yet.

I noticed in my dashboard that the numbers have not changed yet so I am guessing that it has not filtered yet

You are the master planner! Perfect plans! :wink:

This is so weird. I came here to ask this EXACT question. I mean I was looking at MK on 8/19! My TPs haven’t changed either (with the new crowd levels).

Too funny!

I just reevaluated my TP for 8/21 in MK (crowd level was a 5, is now 7) and the wait times went up a bit. For example, Peter Pan is my first attraction; the wait time was 12 minutes at CL 5, it’s now 18 minutes at CL 7. Not bad, but over the course of a day will add up. We already planned to be there for rope drop and take an afternoon break, so hopefully we can still get to most of the attractions we wanted to do.

@len, FYI I’m working on TPs for June 24th, it still has the Welcome show at 8:40 am (park opening now at 8 am that day) so it’s messing all my times up. Not sure if anyone else is having issues with that but wanted to tag staff to let you guys know:)