Change in crowd level predictions by 2 levels two weeks from trip?

I spent many hours on this website planning dates, parks, and then dining reservations. I was very disappointed to receive an email two weeks out from our trip changing the crowd levels from a 7 to a 9 for most of of days. At this point everything is set but kind of makes me wonder what is the point of all this planning based of data if you can just change two weeks out. Have others had the same experience?

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It’s a funny thing, this touring plans stuff. I’ve noticed this same thing happening lately, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Disney is doing everything they can to fill the parks every single day–different pricing, SoCal passes, etc. Not to mention the introduction of MaxPass, which has completely changed how Fast Passes work, and sometimes the FP line seems to crawl despite your best plans. It’s frustrating to plan a day with one thing in mind and then get a completely different experience. Seems like whenever you go now the park seems full.

My thought process about planning has had to change a lot in the past few years because of this. I now plan so that we’re not wandering, but instead thinking about the best way to attack the park. It also depends on the group I’m with and their priorities–do we want to hit as many rides as possible, or is it about experience? I also enter the park knowing that things will most likely not go exactly according to plan. Those times on the plan are really estimates, but LOTS of things can throw it off, and then you have to decide how you can change your plan. It’s also why I plan 3 days in the parks–day 3 is always about things we might have missed because the plan went to heck or we had to skip something and move on.

Enjoy your trip. You will definitely be better off having a plan instead of wandering around going, “What’s next?” I’m interested to see how it goes for you! :slight_smile:

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Very good take on planning & I’ve had to make the same adjustments myself on expectations! I really do feel for those who take the occasional or first-time trip with expectations of a lower crowd & then it doesn’t work out to plan. I know having an AP for me helps take away a lot of the stress to fit in as much as possible every trip (but it doesn’t stop me from trying to still figure out how to max that time with as much possible lol).

I’m curious too how it turns out for you & agree that you’ll be ahead of of the game having planned!