Change/cancel reservation by 1 day while there?

I am confused or the CM was confusing.

I’m booked for 9/15-9/19. I wanted to change my reservation to 9/14 - 9/19 BUT what if once I start my vacation I decide on 9/16 to check out on 9/18. Will I still be charged for 9/19?

The CM was nice but I am not sure she understood what I was asking, so I just gave up.

I don’t know what WDW’s policy is. I would call back and simply ask if there is a penalty for leaving early on a RO reservation (or package, if that’s what you have.) They might consider it to be canceling your reservation/night within the 5 (or 45) day period and charge you the night anyway, as you’d be “costing” them a night that otherwise, someone else would’ve booked.

The CM quoted me the “5 day rule” but then said that you would need to cancel by 9/14 to avoid a penalty. I can change the reservation at check in? and she said Yes. I said Ok…I’ll book for 9/14-9/19 and if I need to change it at check in, I will. She then said “No, you’ll pay for canceling and will be charged.”
I’ve had my coffee but that made no sense.

I’ll call back and get a different CM.

I’m running on 3 hours sleep (booked FPPs early this morning) so unfortunately I’m incapable of deciphering that either LOL. Maybe she meant you could change it during online check-in? Or that you need to change it at least 5 days from beginning of reservation?

I’ve had some pretty confusing, conflicting, and just plain wrong info from several phone CM’s this year. Hope you get someone better next time. Stinks when you are on hold for 20 minutes for worthless info.

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Do you have a MYW package?

No. Room only. I’ve not had a chance to call yet.

I spoke with another CM this morning and he stated that there is NO PENALTY for checking out early. I guess the other CM did not understand that I was not cancelling and/or was misinformed. Thanks all.

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