Chang FPP for AK?

I’ve reworked my TP for AK now that my day has am EMH. As long as all goes well, I’ll be doing KS during the EMH so I won’t need FPP for it. I’m wondering if we should switch the FPP to FOTLK. What do you think?

DH and I will be going back for a date night another evening (after a day at a water park with the family) to do EE, KS at night, and FOP. We have FPP for all three of those then.

Edited to add: As a side note, is there anything that we can do to help with WE badges for things we do before 10 am? I know that you can note the name of your KS ride vehicle to help get that WE badge. Any other similar tips?

There has been talk recently that the Safari doesn’t run during EMH. You might want to see what the latest is. It could be the animals are fed or something at that time.

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That is so good to know! Thank you so much for cluing me into that possibility. I’ll poke around on google.

The Safari was not open during EMH hours last June. Now, it was only a month out from when Pandora opened and the EMH hour was 7 am.

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This lists it as being one of the attractions that is open. I would say it is; we did the Wild Africa Trek at 0800 on an 0800 day and we saw many safari trucks passing very early on during our time out there; definitely well before 0900 (regular rope drop)

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They have a sign that says it won’t open till 8.30am but I don’t know if it’s out every day (when the park opens earlier than 9am) or not - I’ve just seen photos on the liners FB page.

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I have a photo at 0835 near hippo pool of truck passing. This was EMH. Could very well have been first truck of the day.


You guys are so helpful. I think I’ll hold onto the KS FPP and modify it to FOTLK that morning (if available) if we’re able to do KS during EMH.

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When we went last year, we did KS two times in the day and that was our best decision! We saw totally different animals on both rides. I could ride KS all day long.