Chances of SWGE opening early October?

We have a trip planned that first week in October. I’m seeing talk on FB that SWGE may be opening around that time?! This is based on Disney having multiple offers and NMTE events end on 9/30, and also Disney moving the timeline up from ‘late fall’ to just ‘fall’. I know it’s speculation, but now I’m questioning going that week. I don’t want to be anywhere near DW when it opens, really looking to avoid those crowds. Do you think there’s any chance it could possible open up that week? I’m leaning towards thinking that it won’t be ready that early, but there’s a small part of me that’s slightly panicking :crazy_face:

i think the chances of it opening in early Oct are really really small

Oh I hope not.
I’d like it to open after 12/13.
The crowds terrify me.

Amigas! You’re a liner! Crowds do not terrify you! You recognize them coming and dodge them! There’s nothing to fear, you are both ready to face SWGE crowds and more!


If it turns out that — per last year — I’m a twice yearly Disney person (how can I possibly afford that?) then I will actively avoid DL and WDW. I went to WDW for Christmas last year but I won’t do that this year. I’ve been vaguely looking at DLP instead.


You’re a world famous maths professor, of course you can afford it!


That’s true, of course, but I’m not sure we’re known for our sound decision-making.


Everything I’ve been reading on other boards (with their share of “insiders”) is that Thanksgiving is the earliest we might see for general opening, with possible previews earlier in November. But no one “knows”…

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oh NOOOOOOO. Planning last week of October and rented DVC points. I do not want to be there when SWGE opens either

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One of these threads someone shared an article from a blog… let me see if I can find it.
Hmmm - this isn’t it, but it was the SOURCE for the link that was shared the other day.

Here is some other reading:

It has occurred to me a few times since reading these kinds of articles that they may have “ruined” Disney parks. (IMO). I bet it will be years and years (if ever) for a semblance of normal to return. And every time they open another attraction in SWGE it will start over again. The new normal might be so much congestion that touring ANY park stinks. Let’s say you travel to WDW for a week. The SW fanatics won’t just visit DHS, right? All the parks will be more crowded?

WWOHP didn’t ruin UOR. There is hope. Disney just has to manage it right.


Was that before Disney changed the opening from “late fall” to “fall”? I think late November to mid-December was the general consensus when it was “late fall”. The recent change to “fall” changes that up a bit and brings October into play. I hope it doesn’t open in October because I have a trip planned for October and would like to go before the opening of Star Wars.

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True. But I know Potter fans and I know SW fans. My Potter fan friends are a little less fanatical. I think the overall number that it appeals to is markedly higher??

I’m so jaded where TDC is considered. I still consider FP+ and MDE epic, glitchtastic messes. I have almost no faith in them anymore.

At this point, I wish they’d just operate SWGE as a boutique experience that you have to pay separately for. I feel like the collateral damage (of crowds) will still be there, but I do think it will keep some of the masses at bay until it is the “right time” to visit…

maybe I am wrong about all of it. Maybe it will increase crowds and congestion, but many will only come when they’d normally come, as opposed to a special “opening season” trip.


I think DLR will have a different experience.

I utterly missed this switch. I thought it had last been mover from fall to late fall, not the other way around.

Obviously the problem is putting those funny currency signs in front of the numbers on your budget! Take those away and they’ll all look like numbers again and it will make sense.

Or just get a new credit card. Whatever. Gotta spend money to make money, right?

I keep wondering if we’re all wrong. I mean, sure, a lot of SW fans out there. But are there really that many who will plan trips to WDW that otherwise wouldn’t have? Perhaps it is hopeful thinking, but the more I fear SWGE opening, the more I think the hype might be just that.

Don’t get me wrong, I know crowds will increase. But with only two rides, is it really going to draw that many? I think at best it is causing people to shift dates.

I kind of think the Star Wars hotel will have a bigger draw…but it has limited availability…


This is one of the angles I’m looking at.

Friend’s DH is over the top SW fan. Entire basement is decorated in expensive SW memorabilia. Family dressed up for Halloween oh elaborate SW get up. They have no intention of making a WDW trip.

It’s probably like a Venn diagram of who travels freely, with who is obsessed with SW that will make up that crazed opwjjjf crowd. The question is though - how many does that equal?

I think it is going to be busier than Pandora, but just like Pandora, it will calm down within a couple of months. Still busy, of course, as it’s a new area. My plan for May 2020 is to put HS as my last park day and I fully expect to get a FP for at least one of the attractions. Especially since we are probably going to do an afternoon/evening there.

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It was switched from “fall” to “late fall” and then recently back to “fall”.

I love star wars, I travel a lot, I travel to Disney a lot, I am still not planning to be anywhere near either park opening weekend and beyond. I have trips to tokyo and dlp booked to feed the addiction and a tentative idea of hitting WDW in 2021 and spending a lot of time at the black spire outpost. Until then I will enjoy others pictures/videos and avoid the crowds.


I know many (purist) SW fans that are still pissed about Disney buying the franchise and the way the y have oversaturated the market since. They’re not interested in SWGE.