Chances of FOP on the first day of the trip?

We have poured over crowd calendars from 4 websites, and decided on AK as our first park on fly in day April 7. This is the day of the Star Wars half marathon so I know it will be crowded regardless but most sites say MK (where we planned to start) will be unbearable. I guess bc runners pass through AK and then don’t return?

Anyway. Has anyone had luck landing FOP FPP on their first trip day (staying on site)? We are tied only to a dinner reservation (Tusker House. Never been but I read it’s pretty good?), but otherwise have no schedule. My 60 days in the first week in February. In 2017 we had FOP FPP and then my husband told me he wasn’t feeling it so we changed it to Na’vi, which was pretty but not repeatable unless a FPP pops day of or something. I really want to ride this year! Thanks.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone get it on their first day at 60 days out, only if park hours were changed or something at a later date and extras were released. Hopefully someone will prove me wrong!

You could try getting in line just before park close if you’re not worn out from travelling.

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I did not book FP for our arrival day (Jan 12), but FoP was available at about 3pm on the next day (which is the day of the marathon). We are a party of 6. Hopefully you’ll have as much luck as we did!

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You can track it here:

As of today it is available on day 60.

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I’ll cross my fingers. I don’t know DH wants to go on it at all so he won’t mind, but I’d like to.

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What an interesting tool. Thank you!

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It is interesting that theDIBB says that FOP FPP are available for day 60, but had anyone actually been able to book it for Day 1? I don’t recall hearing anyone say that they were successful at this.

Now, there are ways around this, but I’m not going to talk about The Trick That Must Not Be Named…

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I know not of what you speak.

That sounds sarcastic. It isn’t. I’m clueless.

That said, it’s totally fine. Just trying to get something fun!

I do not know how they are doing it but it seems like everything they say is true. I checked it a couple of weeks ago when I did my fast passes. There was also something really weird going on with TT. Reports started showing up when CL guests could not book it 90 days out. TT is usually not a FP I want, but I did want it this trip. I watched as the month slowly opened up and then three days after I made my FPs I saw on the DIBBS that the month opened.

I remember when I used to use this all the time. They knew there were not any Wishes FPs past the date it ended at least a month before it was announced. I think it was the 4th FP that shut it down so I am very curious how they have it working again.

I assume “the trick that must not be named” is a leading reservation? That’s when you book a fake reservation 14 days before your actual trip in order to get advantageous fastpass window and then cancel it after you book your FastPasses.

There’s also a lot of information about when FoP FP’s get added day-of. A recent episode of Backside of Magic said that if you’re on the app at 11:01, 1:01, 3:01, or 5:01 you have a good chance of getting day-of FoP or modifying NRJ into FoP. You really have to be on there right at those times, though as the FP’s are gone in 30 seconds.


If that is your only day in AK, then set your alarm for the above times. Remember that the system will only show you available FPP that don’t clash with your existing FPP. There will be people who book a FOP FPP and then cancel it, so do keep looking. That Friday will be our first day too, but I’ll only be trying for Navi as we will be back.

The first rule of The Trick That Must Not Be Named is that you do not talk about The Trick That Must Not Be Named. :wink:

And you cancel the leading reservation after the FPP window for your real reservation has fully opened, just to be safe.


I have booked FOP at day 60 in April of 2018. For Oct 2018 I couldn’t get it at day 60 initially but was able to modify it from Navi to FOP about a week before the trip.

Just out of curiosity, is a stay at one of the Hiltons considered a leading reservation? We have a gen-you-wine reservation which we hope to keep at the Hilton Buena Vista because I’m not sure exactly what our arrival date will be. We’re moving to BWI when we get to the dates when I know for sure we’ll be there. The ticket date range will cover all of the possible dates. So the window should open 60 days from our first day at the Hilton, no?

Not sure, but if it is one of the Hiltons that also gives you 60 day FPPs as if you were staying at a WDW resort, then I think that it would work.

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Yes, it’s one of those. Thanks!