Chances of early check in

I arrive in Orlando at 6am after 13 hours of flying. What are the chances I can get a early check in. I am staying at Boardwalk Villas that we got through Davids DVC.

DVC is pretty hard to get early. That check in time is 4:00. I have been able to get into a Kidani room as early as noon, but Copper Creek during my last trip was after 5:00. I think you should do online check in, not request a room, and note the early arrival. Good luck!

We arrived around 10am, our room was ready at 1, at Beach Club Villas.

I’m not sure if it is true or not, but I seem to remember reading that the earlier you want to check in the less likely you’ll end up with your room request (if you made one). Basically a request for an earlier check in means they will give you first room available rather than wait longer to give you a room that more closely matches your request.

Anyone have any experience with that?