Champions gate

So with a need for 4 separate adult bedrooms, we need to stay off site. Was wondering if anyone had experience in the champions gate area. How long does it take to get to the parks? Did you take afternoon breaks or just leave? Enjoy the amenities?

When I read this - I instantly flashed to trips as a kid. We stayed a good 25 - 30 minutes away at an OLD Sheraton Lake Side hotel (still remember the name). The hotel (basically a motel) we most 80’s in every way. WDW only had Contemporary and Poly - what I wouldn’t give to stay there just once as a kid!! Some of the “Downtown Disney” hotels were there and don’t know why we didnt’ stay there - probably cost.

But to answer your question - we used to always go back for a break. Leave around 1 in the afternoon, hit the pool and then late lunch / early dinner - and then back to the parks. Never had an issue with doing it so - can only image that your place is nicer and closer so taking a break should be no issue.

I use and trip adviser to look at houses and communities. It has worked well in the past however I have yet to stay at Championship’s gate. We go back to Disney in November and I am staying in a different community because I need 3 adult bedrooms each having their own bathroom which I could not find in Champion’s Gate.

With that said, based on my research…it is nice. You may also want to check Reunion. Remember to look at the community as well as the property.

When we stay offsite, we never left the park. But that is a preference.

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I was just out there for the first time writing about the Omni. I loved the area’s nice houses and villa options, but it really is a hike. I drive using the interstate out and then returned to the parks using regular roads. It felt like a long way with no traffic. That said, if I was to not try and go twice in a day, I would do it, but I also wouldn’t want to go to the parks every day of the trip from there. Twice in a five day trip would be fine, for example. Also the Omni had so many amenities it was hard to leave. But the villas on site cap at 3 bedrooms. One idea is to book one of those villas with 3 BR and let one couple in the party book a hotel room but still join for all meals. The rooms are often under $200 a night, and I see them on Hotwire for way less frequently.

Well I booked a 6bdrm (4 adult rooms), 5ba in Champions Gate with heated pool, theater room and game room (we have one who enjoys video games). My plan is 5-6d in parks (mostly 1/2 days) with rest day in middle. I have to really motivate some to get moving, so was trying to decide how long to really get inside parks with traffic et al. Would likely take afternoons off (pool or nap or clubhouse spashpad/lazy river), but might consider return to parks for night show/fireworks. And since I’m footing the bill, can’t ask to split rooms up. This, even a nice one, was cheaper than 4rms on property, plus less chance of getting scattered across a resort. Looked at lots of VRBO and Windsor hills is closer, but couldn’t find house with all requested amenities. Really wish someone had actual drive time info

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I just googled “champion’s gate to magic kingdom” and it said 18 minutes. Depending on the route it could be 23 minutes. Of course, those are best case scenarios.

Put in your actual address and desired destination in google maps. that’ll give you a good idea of transit times.

Thanks, I have already done google maps, but others had suggested that the I-4 and other areas around Disney get backed up at times. Complicated by the fact it is Princess 1/2 marathon weekend, meaning Disney traffic will be messed up. I guess if no one has actual experience, that is a good reason to report back here with real data for others after my trip!

The I4 going out of Orlando around late afternoon is crazy, even going that small distance. If there’s another way around, do it, otherwise just suck it up and wait in the jam.

If you’re going home for the afternoon and back later, you may not have that problem. There may be heavy traffic going into Orlando in the mornings, but shouldn’t be nearly as bad as it will be coming home around 5pm.

You’ll love having your own room and space and your own pool. Ask the homeowner or manager what game systems are in the house. If your son owns the same game system, he may want to bring his own games. Also, games tend to walk away from rentals, so they might not have a selection of games he’s used to, even if the game system is there. They will probably have free (good) wifi, though, if you have a laptop or tablet you like to use for gaming or streaming.