CG, AP, Sanaa, RR - Which Should We Drop?

We’ll be in the World for four nights on the DDP. We lucked out and got all four of these reservations, but we have an Ohana one as well and don’t want to skip that. Which of these is your least favorite? We are 2 adults traveling.

I know my answer will be very unpopular but AP is the one on your list that I never intend on doing again. I would drop that.

What’s RR?

Raglan Road

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Lol I would skip Ohana out of those. But otherwise AP since I’ve not been yet and I love the others.

Raglan Road. I have zero interest in an Irish pub.

Every third pub in the U.K. is an Irish Pub now, and they’re so generic. All of them are insanely loud, floor swimming with beer and crowded. If I must go, I’m lucky if I make it through the night without a drink being spilt on me. :angry:

I’m quite sure RR is more civilised, but unless I’m in Ireland, where I can visit an authentic Irish pub, I won’t be going.

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I absolutely agree with this sentiment. :slight_smile:

I would drop either AP or CG, to be honest. RR is a must do for us - always.


Hard decision. I like them all. I personally would not drop Sanaa or CG. So AP or RR (and that would be a hard choice).

It would have been a very tough choice before AP descended into CM land. AP used to be a favorite; I refuse to go back.

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Acronym fail here. Only one I have for AP is annual pass. :heart_eyes: Obviously, since that restaurant was that memorable for me lol, I say drop AP.

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Artist Ponte!!

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lol. sorry. Just came to me. None of your others are character meals so depends on if you want that experience. It was a fun and different character meal.

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