Celebrating the Gift of Life! **UPDATED QUESTION - HELP**

I am so happy for you all! You definitely deserve this trip!
I love the TS options as a good way for some down time but have discovered the bliss of hanging out in a quiet corner with good QS!
My faves are…

MK Sleepy Hallow and find the Sacred Spot or other alcoves with beautiful castle views nearby. I also still need to try the spring roll cart outside of Adventure Land.

AK Nomad Lounge! I went for first time this last trip and will never miss it again! Or Isle if Java for snack and find spot on water behind FTBBQ

EPCOT loved Le Halles!

HS I think Docking Bay 7 is da bomb. Also still need to try Baseline Taphouse for a pretzel. The outdoor lounge for HBD is open now too

I hope you soak up some of that amazing Florida sunshine and have a beautiful, magical time!

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I love FTBBQ! Thank you for all the suggestions.

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What a wonderful way to celebrate your husband’s courageous journey! Are you driving? If not, have you looked at options to get to/from the airport?

We are NOT driving. We are a family of 6- it would not end well. We drove down from Illinois in 2019 and I won’t do it again lol. We have mears arranged for transport.


I would suggest a few, but they don’t start until Feb 6th, like Wild Africa Trek, UP Close with Rhino, etc. Everyone that can afford the Wild Africa Trek maybe do it one time. We are going again Feb 1 to and doing Wild Trek, Up close with Rhinos and a some others. Your trip is shorter so maybe just focus on your favorite attractions.

ROTR(DHS), FOP(AK) are two I can’t ever miss and if you haven’t done do Remy at France at least once at EPCOT and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway At DHS.

I would say just pay for Genie + Pay for the LL when you can . With my son with lifetime Kidney issue’s at year 20 now even one extra ride per trip is worth it to us.

Have a great time and glad to hear of another positive Kidney outcome !


He actually REALLY needed the liver. The Kidney was just an added bonus. Only one transplant center was willing to list him for both. He definitely lucked out. He was able to get both from the same donor and had a marathon surgery in the middle of the night. It was a whirlwind and we are so very blessed and thankful to his donor and family.


Tbh, I had similar resistance, but in the end was very glad hubs reserved one after days one and two. I’d have spent a good part of each day hanging out somewhere, waiting for others to come back, if he didn’t. And yeah, people watching is fun, but not that fun.

Standing for 20+ minutes, sitting for a couple minutes, then walking a lot, over and over for 12 hours is a LOT more tiring than I bargained for. I had lost much more stamina than I realized during my health battles during the last two years. I felt so much better than I had, it kinda fooled me into thinking I was back to how I used to be, and I wasn’t, not then. Maybe his situation is different, though.

Unless he can currently, as he is this moment last for miles and miles of walking, maybe have reserving a scooter in your mind as a back up.

One thing to talk over - “we haven’t been in 6 years, we don’t know what it will be like for us this time.” Think through some of what that means - medications, eating times, etc.

Here are some “talking points” that worked with me and I’m pretty stubborn lol:

“You don’t have to use it, we can cancel it if you don’t, but it’ll be there if something comes up”

“Having a scooter doesn’t mean you are disabled or have a DAS. It’s a temporary helper for a specific situation.”

“We want you with us, not hanging out on a bench somewhere waiting while we go off to a ride or whatever. We haven’t really been together, just for fun, for a year!”

I can’t emphasize enough how much walking is involved - walking through hotel to bus or transport and walking/standing in parks. I’d been told this, but seeing really is believing. Also, I really, really underestimated how much stamina I’d lost. But again, his/your situation could be different.

I’m so so happy all of you get to do this! ICU nurses literally saved my life a couple of times by noticing emerging symptoms at the right time. they were my lifeline. Best wishes!


I could not agree more with these sentiments.

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Wow awesome congrats !

Just realized that Disney’s rules on their website say by entering the park yadda yadda and are agreeing you haven’t been exposed to someone with covid without quarantining 14 days before entering the park. So basically no nurse ever can visit Disney without lying :shushing_face:

They don’t mean that way. With PPE you’re not exposed. Exposed means unmasked.

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Does the cdc put restrictions on where you can go during the final 5 days (your fully ,asked days) after quarantine/isolation?

I don’t believe so. The rule is go about your life but wear a tight fitting mask in all public spaces.

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I am running in to some challenges renting a scooter with our arrival and departure times. Burns vista only has preset times and they are hella inconvenient. Scooter bug has horrific reviews. Any help super appreciated.

I used Kingdom Strollers on out last trip for ECV rental. Maybe their times will work better for you.

I booked ScooterBug for our next trip because I didn’t want to have to meet them. Hopefully they don’t suck too much!

I know a lot of people who have used scooter bug without issue.

Who was it that had a great scooter joy that long ago? Was it @joefishing209 ?

Other scooter companies to try - * Apple Scooter: 321-726-6837

  • Best Price Mobility: 321-402-5955
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I’m sorry to be getting to this post so late. I use Scooter Vacation and have recommended them to others and they were pleased with them as well. Their ECV’s run longer then any others I have ever used and they are also cheaper then others also. If you like their FB page and rent for 5 days you can get a 10% discount. Scooter Reservations - Scooter Vacations (scootorlando.com) On a scale from 1-10 they get an 11. I rent the fantasy for myself and the wish for DW, and yes we stay at the All Stars and they both fit in the room and we can still move around.

My biggest issue is arranging delivery and return. Do they work with you so we don’t have to lose 8 hours of park time waiting around? We also don’t want to leave our last park day super early to take the scooter back for pick up and we leave early on our fly out day and most don’t come that early. UGH this is a pain

They deliver 7am - 8pm but if you call them they will work with you. They have offered to pick up and drop off to our room, and the last time we had a time mix up and they offered to leave it on the side of the building for us to get it on check in day and for us to leave it for them to pick up. I recommend calling them if the 7am - 8pm does not work for you. I think they will even deliver to the park gates if you need them too. If you call them tell them that I recommended them to you and that I have used them several times before. I will not get anything but they may bend even more for you.