Celebrating the Gift of Life take TWO!

You guys have been so helpful in the past so wanted to reach out again!
My husband received a liver and kidney transplant in October 2021. We celebrated his 3 month transplant anniversary at Disney with our kiddos in January and it was AMAZING.
Now, because he is feeling sooooo much better, and we missed out on a big anniversary last year due to his illness (and me workin long crazy hours as an ER nurse) we are going to take an adult only trip for our anniversary this year.
We are looking at middle of September, no set number of days yet, and are planning on not even entering a park (that may change. I may have to ride SOMETHING). Our plans are going to be exploring the resorts, doing the cool things and eating at the cool places we can’t afford to eat at with 4 kids in tow.
So, help a girl out! Favorite adult venues, resorts, etc. We want to do the bread service at Sanaa at the minimum.
What are your recommendations for additional things to do with just the two of us to celebrate this awesome second chance at life together (kid free).


Congratulations! That is wonderful and exciting!

A few thoughts come to mind:

  • California Grill during fireworks
  • Narcoossee’s at GF
  • Sanaa, Boma, Jiko at AKL, any or all!
  • Homecomin’
  • The Boathouse (I especially like this one)
  • Topolino’s, especially breakfast

If you like a little more gusto, Raglan Road gets high marks. There are many, many other options, of course!


We were wondering about doing the Sangria University as well. I love Sangria. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ask the Fab Four! I think they loved it. @JustKeepSmiling, @Dreamer et al.


Yes! Sangria University was great! I would recommend that.

I agree that Topolinos is fabulous too but I’d go for dinner and be there for sunset. You can then watch EP fireworks.

When I checked my DD in for her DCP, we didn’t have tickets. We had three dinners and did each of the rooftops— CG, Toledo and Topolinos. It was really fun.


I’ll be happy to give you a full report in a couple weeks!

I agree with everything Jeff said. Topolinos brunch is great even sans kids. Narcoossees for great seafood, Cali Grill for fireworks and an awesome meal (shirt rib wontons droooool). You can hit up Trader Sam’s at Poly and even do a monorail crawl to check out all the MK area resorts.


Sangria University is so much fun!! Do it!!


Fantastic! Thanks!

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For our Anniversary trip we stayed at Yacht Club, it was beautiful and loved the balcony.

Go check out the festival

Eat at California Grill

Watch the fireworks


Me too! 9/18-23

Go to a great restaurant you can’t enjoy with the kids. Like, really treat yourselves! Is V&A a possibility? My DH wouldn’t survive there but if he weren’t so vanilla in his food preferences that would be tops on my list. They are expected to open soonish per Len and Jim based on Michelin visit.

Lounge by the pool
Visit the spa
Play a round of golf (or mini golf)
Stroll around DS and stop often for snacks (and drinks?)
Rent a pontoon boat and go have lunch on the water
Catch a movie on a rainy day at AMC
Go bowling at Splitsville
Oh and don’t miss robe drop


Yes!! This!

Also Dahlia Lounge!

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Go early enough for dinner to partake of a leisurely aperitivo outside on the terrace. Topolino has the best outdoor rooftop.

Also strongly consider the Barcelona (lobby bar), Dahlia (rooftop lounge), and Toledo trifecta at Gran Destino.

If you’re feeling in the Spanish mood, try Jaleo in Disney Springs and one of the multi course chef tastings.


Wait, what?

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I did hear that right, right? That Michelin is coming in ?july? And obviously they wouldn’t open THAT DAY.

Or did I dream that part of the podcast up.

Edited: I did not make it up. Go to this weeks show at about 13 minutes in. “Michelin guides visit will be (rumored) to take place late summer 2022”

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You did not make it up. I heard it too!

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Omg so I might ACTUALLY get to celebrate my 40th with dinner at V&A? Sweeeeet!


What is V&A?

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Victoria and Albert’s. Signature restaurant at Grand Floridian.

Too much seafood lol- my husband would love it. Me- not so much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


********** new questions********
Port Orleans French quarter or Riverside
I think we have settled on Sept 16-20th. Going to do one day park ticket to hit AK in the morning (our favorite) followed by Epcot food and wine in the evening on Monday the 19th.
So our current itinerary thoughts are:
16: fly in, unpack, hit DS
17: (our anniversary) AK lodge for Sanaa and hopefully dinner at California Grill
18: sangria university, Dahlia and whatever else happens lol
19: AK, capture your moments at AK, Epcot
20: fly out