Celebrate America MK Fireworks and TTDP

We are working on planning our trip for summer. I was thinking the the Celebrate America 4th of July Fireworks at MK went off more than one day. Will it still be showing on July 5th this year? If so what are the chances of landing TTDP for that evening. Any advice on how to get it? TIA

I am pretty sure it is the 3rd and the 4th. I did the dessert party on the 3rd. It was amazing! I highly recommend it.

Did you book it before any ADR’s? Did you call or do it online? Thanks

I booked a split stay so I booked my ADRs at 180 plus 3 for both ends. At that time, they opened most nights at 180 but they hand loaded the 3rd and 4th a few days later since it was not a 10:00 show. Now, they just give everyone a 6:00 time and tell you to show up an hour before the fireworks. I would look to book it at 180 plus.

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Sorry, I did it online and you prepay. A little over $25 per adult. It is worth every penny!

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