Cease and Desist sent to dining search sites

Found out from my DVC group that Disney Dining Buddy received a cease and desist from WDW and is stopping service. I assume Disney Scout/Sniper others will follow suit. I’ll try to post the letter after work


WDW Table Finder is still up and running, which is the website I use. But I pay to have notifications sent, I do not pay for the actual reservation.

WOW! Kinda wondered if this would happen but still surprised.

I think Disney Dining Buddy was similar- they only sent alerts; they didn’t make the actual reservations for guests.

I hope they don’t shut down the website. I also use it because you can put in the restaurant and see all the openings for the entire length of your stay. So helpful!

Thanks for the heads up. I’m wondering how the other websites will react, seems like theywill be getting a similar “request” from Disney.

Disney Dining Scout is not working either it seems.

ADR Sniper is still up, for now, but I wouldn’t drop any money there anytime soon. It worked great for me.

Not sure I understand Disney’s problem with the “find a ressie, you have to go get it” sites.

I read that the software (?) these sites use to comb through the reservations is affecting Disney’s systems, slowing them down. Don’t know if it’s true…but if it is, I can see why Disney would need them to stop.

Disney Dining Scout is working for me now - it did not the whole evening for me.

I work for a tech company familiar with bots/jobs, or “crons”. Basically, the more bots that hit a site at once, the slower it gets, and the more difficult it becomes for anyone to access and confirm reservations. (Not all dining websites do this, to be fair)

I think we all agree that WDW Dining booking is buggy as heck. Imagine how bad it would get if there were 10-20 websites scraping data while you were trying to load a single page. That said, I don’t think Disney brass is stopping them because of copyright infringement or website slowness, but because of public backlash against the one site booking reservations under false names. It’s one thing for people in Disney forums to grumble and grouse, but it’s another when it reaches the Orlando Sentinel.


I have heard the ones that are shutting down are those with Disney in the name. I am sure others will follow, but those using the name would be easier to shut down.

I had disney dining scout work on Friday… but who knows how long it will last.