CBR Water View room request

I have water view booked at CBR. Is that different from Preferred? I’m confused on what building/room to request that is close to The main pool and food court? But also close to bus stop?

And I need room with Murphy bed as we are a family of 5

Have you tried the room finder feature on the TP website? You can put in all kinds of criteria and it will show you which rooms “match.” My understanding was that preferred rooms are the ones closer to the main buildings and are different from water view rooms, which could be in any area of the resort but would have some kind of view of water (i.e. A pool, lake etc). Even without a preferred room, you could take a look at the map to see which buildings might work for you.

I have tried the room finder but it doesn’t have option for preferred/water view. So I don’t want to ask for a preferred thinking I’m asking for a water view.

If you click on the room itself in Touring Plans Resort Map (first pick the building, then drill down to the room), the pop-up will tell you under “View” if it’s “Water” or “Preferred”. Clicking around Martinique building #25 the stuff on the Water side was all “water” and the ones away from the water are the Preferred. Trinidad North (building 31) seemed the same. Looking at the map building 25, 26 or 31 would seem to best match your desires of close to Pool, food court and buses, but I’m going totally off Touring Plans as I haven’t stayed at CBR previously myself.

Good luck…

Thanks, I meant to edit my post to say when I put in Water view it pulls up buildings that TP says are preferred. That’s why I was getting confused. So I assumed all rooms in #25 were preferred. Thanks for clearing that up for me.