We are family of 6 (one being an infant). Should we go with the new rooms at CBR or stay at POR?

We have stayed at both, they are similar in that the are huge resorts, have table service restaurants, and great rooms with the pull down bed. I liked the pool and surroundings at CBR better, felt like we were in the Caribbean. But the food court is better at POR. Location related to the parks: CBR wins hands down. I would look at the pictures online and go with whichever appeals to you more. You really can’t go wrong!


Love both. The boat to Downtown Disney is a plus for POR…walking over to POFQ for beignets is another :wink: If you are pool people then CBR has one of the best themed pools on property. The pirate ship play area is tons of fun for the littlest ones. A bit of a bonus that there are two slides into the feature pool. Obviously with the recent refurbishment you will have new beds, furniture, and bedspreads etc. Both resorts have the very cute murphy beds.


Ive stayed at both in the last two years but have not seen the new CBR rooms. Agree with previous posters’ comments though - it depends on what theme appeals more and whether boat to DTD is important to you. Pools are great at both but i thought CBRs was more interesting to kids. I love dtc though, so the boat from POR puts that resort on top for me

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