CBR vs CS (oops, CSR)?

I am going to WDW in September and want to try for the free dining deal. Last year apparently POR wasn’t included, and that was my first choice moderate resort.

It’s going to be just me and DH, for our 5th wedding anniversary. Of the moderates that will be on the free dining plan, which would you choose? And do these rooms usually include King beds if we want?

Just be sure you do the math. Often the room discount and paying OOP is a better deal since you’re paying rack rate for the rooms if you go with free dining.

That said, Either of those resorts are lovely, but still spread out. Be sure to try for a preferred building/room if being close to the main buildings is important. (That will Jack up the room cost though). I have seen King beds available on the promotions. But there are no guarantees because it’s based on what Disney needs/wants to fill.

Check out http://seeyareelsoon.wix.com/seeyareelsoon#!dining-plan-calculator/cxc0 to see if a Dining Plan abd/or a Free Dining promotion are a good deal for you. With two adults I’m guessing that it isn’t.

Also, book what you want now. If a good promotion comes out, you can always call WDW Reservations and have the promotion added to your reservation.

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Also, I would pick CBR over CS, as Counter Service restaurants are not good places to sleep. Wait, nevermind, you meant CSR - my bad. :wink:


Can you get to-go boxes with meals? Say, can I bring dessert for a snack for later, that kind of thing?

DH and I stayed at CSR this past August-September with free dining and we loved it!!! I am a die-hard POFQ fan, but we are trying to stay at a different resort each trip, and also like you said, no FD at POFQ or POR anymore.

We loved how gorgeous the resort was, and we loved Rix Lounge, we loved the Dig Site pool, etc. We loved it. I may have a new favorite moderate…

Thanks for that link! I love spreadsheets! It actually did show us saving $400 more doing the free dining plan than the standard 20% off room rates. Obviously, I’ll have to keep an eye out closer to the trip and keep my numbers updated.