CBR Trinidad-5th sleeper roll in shower

We have 2 5th sleeper rooms booked for the fall, one with a roll in shower. When I search using the room finder those specific rooms don’t come up via TP but when I go room by room in the section they do. I spoke to a CM on the Disney chat and they only listed Aruba & Jamaica. I know that area has recently been renovated so I’m unsure if they have the exact same blueprint and from multiple comments I have read online it seems like CBR is not taking specific bookings for Trinidad before you arrive. Does anyone know where these rooms are now since the renos? Thank you.

Trinidad rooms are just Standard rooms now I think.

They are still 5th sleepers, they have Murphy beds now in the little mermaid rooms and a pull down 5th

It’s true. The standard rooms are technically in Aruba and Jamaica. Those rooms have not been renovated. The new little mermaid rooms are currently in Trinidad. You cannot book those outright - but you can request one via TP and cross your fingers.

Disney hasn’t outright said that they are refurbishing/redecorating the entire resort. They did just show that the pirate rooms (Trinidad) are going away and being replaced with the LM rooms.

Standard 5th sleepers though. People who have booked that Room type are getting put there (and Aruba and Jamaica).

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