CBR to MK transportation

The last time I went to DIsney was 2000 and stayed off site. For this trip, we are staying at CBR. Talk to me about getting from CBR to MK. We have BOG reservations at 8:30 and the park opens at 9 that day. I know the Minnie Van is an option but I want to know about the bus. Appox times, drop off spot, anything and everything. Thanks!

The biggest ?? with the bus is when it will arrive, which Disney has now sort-of solved with arrival boards in each of the bus shelters.

At CBR, the bus will make a loop around the entire resort, stopping once per “village”/“island”. It will then head straight to MK (~10 mins, IIRC) and drop you off in the MK bus loop, basically the same place the Minnie Vans will drop you.

You should be able to start catching MK buses around 7 or 7:30 that morning - ask a CM to be sure.