CBR to Mickey's BBBQ

Hi guys! My family of 3 have Mickey’s Backyard BBQ reservations and we’re staying at CBR. Would I have to go from CBR to TTC to Fort Wilderness? How much time should I allot? Are there shuttles going to all parks and resorts from TTC?

Lyft or cab to Ft Wilderness, then internal bus to Settlement for BBQ.

Bus to MK, then boat to FtW, then walk to BBQ.

One hour for either route, 90 minutes to be sure and have a little time to look around.

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Just so you know, there are no bus to resorts from the TTC. The buses go directly to (and from) the MK.

But either way that @stuckinbmode suggested would work. Personally I would go to MK and take the boat.

Thanks guys. I didn’t know that there were no buses from TTC to resorts and parks, aside from MK. Thank you, thank you!!
I think we’ll do the bus to MK and boat to Fort Wilderness! Sounds super fun.

The buses go from the resorts direct to MK, not from the TTC to MK. If you park at the TTC you get the monorail or ferry to MK.