CBR Rooms closest to main pool?

We are a family of 5 staying at CBR. We are traveling with a family of 4 who has a near-2-year old. We will be taking advantage of the zero entry pool. What building is closest to the main pool (I’m assuming that’s the one with the zero entry.). Thanks!

Just stayed at CBR. The buildings that are closest to the main pool are preferred rooms, so if you really want to be right next to it, you’ll need preferred rooms. Those buildings are Martinique and Trinidad North. There are a cluster of three buildings from both M and TN closest to the main building that are preferred (I think 24-26 and 31-33), but the next cluster of three away might work for you if you have standard rooms, like Martinique 23 or 22, or TN 34 or 35.

We stayed in Jamaica 44 and ended up really loving it. The walk to the main building was really only about 5-6 minutes going across the bridge. Plus we were right next to the quiet pool and laundry facilities, and right next to the bus stop. Jamaica was nice for transportation purposes because it was the first stop, so the bus always had room for us to get on, and we were the first stop getting off.

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What is CBR?

Caribbean Beach Resort