CBR - Room Request for rooms with a murphy bed?

So, apparently about half (?) of the rooms in Caribbean Beach Resort can fit a fifth person, as they have a fold-down murphy bed on one wall.

We only have four people staying in the room, but it would still be handy to have one of these (kids sleep far better when not fighting over whether the other one is taking up too much room.) But the room selector doesn’t list these…how would one request a room with a murphy bed in a particular area?

Hmmmm I had thought all rooms that were refurbished had that feature and that the refurbishments were done.

I would think you just add it to your request in the text area. We are trying to get connecting rooms at CBR and will be mentioning that in the text with our room of choice.

Does anyone know if refrurbs are completed at CBR??

I think the refurbs are done at CBR - when we were there in Nov. 2014 they had Jamaica & Aruba done and were on to other locations. Googling a bit, none of the sites that keep tabs on WDW refurbs have any mention of anything at CBR.

To be safe you could request those two areas I mention, which in my opinion are great spots - we were right across bridge from food and pool, buses entered right next to our bus stop, so we had first crack at seats.

Our kids loved the Murphy bed BTW, but we did have to referee a bit. At one point my daughter’s generosity came through and she told me I should use her 2nd turn.
I told her my feet would hang off too much. :wink:

What building did you stay at? Were you in a preferred room?

Do preferred rooms have the Murphy beds and do they have queen beds?

We stayed in Aruba 51 - funnily enough I made a mistake and unknowingly requested a preferred room when we had paid for a standard. The CM let me know at check in, then told us they gave it to us anyway…

I wrote up some info on the room and building in this other thread:

I think all are queen at least now, but don’t quote me. I believe there is a mix of rooms with Murphy beds and not, but don’t know of any way to tell when requesting, unless another Liner can confirm specific room(s).