CBR Review - 1/19-1/26/16

Hi! We just got back from a week at the CBR and I thought that I would give a short review. This trip was just my husband and I so we only had one room.

We paid for a Preferred Room and requested the ground floor, so they put us in Martinique, room 2516. The room was very clean and everything still seemed brand new, even though I know it has been about a year since Martinique was renovated. I am not crazy about the new decor - I miss Nemo! But it was very sleek. Mousekeeping was great - plenty of towels, everything clean,.No towel animals, though - we missed that too! There is no Murphy Bed in this room. The mattresses were extremely comfortable.

We were really less than a minutes walk to the Shutters entrance at OPR, which is the closest we’ve ever been (this was our 5th stay at the CBR and my husband always insists on a preferred room). OPR was about the same as usual - cheerful and clean. We only ate there a few times but the food was about the same as well - overpriced but a decent amount of food and some things were really tasty. I really like the jerk chips!

The buses worked out well for us. We found that the OPR stop was closest to our room, so we always used it. Almost every time, the bus went from OPR to Trinidad N, Trinidad S, then out of the resort. On the way home, the bus always stopped at Jamaica first, so we were the 5th (?) stop. We waited an average of 5m - sometimes less than one, a few times about ten, but generally about 5. One night, coming home from the MK, we waited about 20m. The line was very long and we had to wait for the third bus. But that was the exception.

It was way too cold to use the pool, but it looked like it was in fine shape.The gift shop had the usual stuff. All the OPR staff were pleasant and helpful. The sound track is bouncy and the bathrooms were clean.

Overall, a clean and comfortable trip. We probably won’t stay there again as, after 5 times, I am ready to try another moderate. We spent a morning at Port Orleans and my husband liked it. So, when we decide to go back to WDW, I will start reading POR reviews. But I would not hesitate to recommend the CBR to anyone!!

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Thank you for posting your review! We are staying there in September for the first time, so it is nice to see a good review from someone who has stayed there recently. The only other resort we have stayed at is Coronado Springs.

It sounds like you had good luck with the bus service which is what I was most worried about since it is such a large resort. Did you ever have to wait for more than one bus when you were leaving the resort because they were full?

We had to wait for more than one bus that night at the MK going back to the CBR, but never in the mornings. Then again, we were generally at the bus stop at about 7:30-45 and always on our way well before 8 so it was just never that crowded then.

I really think that the bus service comes down to a few things. 1 - time of day. If I am at the bus stop at the same time as everyone else, it will be much more crowded. 2 - time of year. I got a seat EVERY TIME on this trip, because it was a particularly slow time, I think. We have been there in January over the marathon weekend and MLK weekend when it is just more crowded and I have had to stand. We’ve been there twice in September and it is also a pretty slow time. 3 - luck. Seriously. Why did we so often wait only 3-5 minutes while it is entirely possible to wait 15-20?? If we just miss the bus, we will have to wait awhile, kwim?

Very true! We are all healthy so if we have to stand we have to stand. I am not going to sweat it, we will be at Disney so no worries! It is good to hear that you are repeat visitors to CBR. We are pretty excited to try it out!

I would also like to try POR or POFQ, maybe for our next trip! Thanks again for the review! :smile:

So from what you observed during your trip, if someone was staying in the South Trinidad section of the resort, they would have to wait 7 stops before disembarking the bus on a return trip from a theme park?


True. But, in the mornings, those who got on at Trinidad South didn’t have to spend the time going around the resort. After they got on, the bus headed out of the CBR. Less time on the bus in the morning vs more time in the evening.

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