CBR Resort refurb

I was wondering if anyone knows exactly what rooms have the murphy beds in them in Aruba and/or Jamica? We are going with 5 (one is 2 yrs old) and I would like to avoid the PNP and just get a room with the murphy bed, any advice would be great!

The Murphy bed rooms haven't been added to the room inventory yet and the refurb is very recent so I doubt there's a list of specific rooms.

What is PNP?

I think pack and play?

yes Pack and Play

So probably unable to get one of those rooms then?

When are you going? You could always request a room with a Murphy bed once you arrive but since they aren't in inventory you can't book them ahead. You may have to go with the PNP if refurb rooms aren't available.

I really hope they add these to all the rooms so we can stay at CBR! Anyone have any info on the refurbs going on here? The woman I spoke to on the phone a few months ago told me they knew nothing about work being done there.

There are a couple of other threads here on the forum on the refurbs. Also, I've found some great pics on the DisBoards. If I can figure out how to post a link to the other threads I will.