CBR refurb

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So all of CBR refurb should be finished by the end of August? That sounds quick, but it would be great! Any way to confirm the dates?

I am looking forward to newly refurbed rooms by the end of Aug/ first of Sept! Yay!!

They have just started working on Aruba with Jamaica nearing completion so I have no idea how they'd be finished with the entire resort by August. Permits are through early 2015. I'm not counting on a refurb'd room in preferred section for November.

No, I said all of Jamaica will be done (already is). They are just starting on Aruba now which at least a few buildings of which should be done by next month.

Wonder if Barbados is right behind Aruba, going to be there end of Sept and I really want a room in Barbados, be nice if the queen beds were done by then!

Queen beds will open this resort up to us again! We haven't been since the kids were smaller because of the beds. I would love to go back!

I prefer Jamaica so this bodes well for my stay!

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Are they pretty good with taking building requests. I booked for preffered but wondering if I should change to a regular room in hopes of getting new room. Or should I keep preferred

I would stay in preferred if you like being close to the main hub of everything, food court , main pool and gift shop. Less walking in the Martinque and North Trinadad area! smiley

I'm choosing Jamaica or Barbados this time, can't decide"

It took Disney years to finish the complete refurbs of the other moderates. Doing one building or village at a time its going to take a while. Its easy to take those rooms out of inventory and complete them and put them back in and take out the next set of inventory but it still takes a while to do a refurb of this nature. Disney only recently publicly acknowledged the refurb I would not expect it to be complete in this year.

We always have great luck requesting specific villages at check in. They are always incredibly accommodating to us but we travel in September and they usually have more rooms vacant at that time of year. Good luck and enjoy your stay @sunshine5889 !!

Any word on if they're touching the Pirate rooms?

I wish I liked the decor more. It just seems cold to me. It needs some Caribbean color to warm it up. I do like the Mickey in the Murphy beds, though.

Stayed in Jamaica in May. Was an easy walk to the pool and customs house across the bridge on the lagoon.

No plans for Pirate rooms this time around.

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I am so excited -- we have our first stay coming up in 26 days -- totally wanna request Jamaica now! I thought it looks like an easy walk across the bridge too. Wish I could find a photo of new rooms! But no luck so far...

@B_squared There are several photos in the DISboards site. I don't know how to get then over here but I did copy a couple of the new murphy bed pics to my Instagram account. Let me see what I can do.

Try these http://s1291.photobucket.com/user/florida995/media/photo8_zps128d343c.jpg.html

PS These are not my photos I credit whomever took them

When do you think it will be possible to reserve these rooms for 5 online? I keep checking CBR and it says that I have too many people in my party to make a reservation.

Thank you so much @bwalker75!!