CBR question

With the skyliner now up and running, we saw IMO pretty big price jumps on Pop and Animation, why does CBR still sit behind FQ and Riverside in pricing? I would have thought the skyliner would have been a huge boost here as well. Curious as to what you think happened?

Following this thread since we are also considering CBR for our next trip.

Same here. I was looking at rates of $282/nt for CBR for the first week of December. Never stayed there, but one leg of the skyliner to HS and EP makes it awfully tempting.

Also, the fold down bed will make it fit my family of five. It will be a little crowded, but should work fine. Plus, the kids want a pool with a water slide.

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I’ve stayed at CBR many times. It’s my favorite moderate resort. It’s always been the least expensive of the moderates. IMHO – this is because the layout of the resort is so spread out,the 2 story buildings don’t have elevators, it’s far away from the parks with limited bus service and the rooms are small for a moderate resort.

It has gotten a price increase since the Skyliner started operations. You could get a CBR room for $175 regularly. Now that price is a special “sale” and rooms are now usually $200+

We are here at CBR now. The skyliner is very cool and convenient. Love it.

I think Disney’s policy of room rates has more to do with how recent the rooms have been refurbished. Our room needs TLC. Not horrible, but needs TLC. Pop and AoA are now refurb’d with laminate floors. Our room at CBR has carpet past due for a cleaning - or trash heap, stains on chairs, ect.

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Yeah… I forgot about that since I don’t stay in the rooms much when I’m there. I’m a “drop my bags and don’t look back” guy. It’s just a crash pad to me. All the rooms look the same when your eyes are closed! :sleeping:

I’m staying at CBR next week and I thought the rooms had been renovated so this makes me a little sad.

We are also here now. We are fine with our room; carpet is tired but doesn’t bother me. Skyliner is awesome; love it! And I’m ok with the layout in terms of walking, distance to lobby, etc. (That could easily be a problem for others, but my family is fine with that.)

The problem we are having is buses. Skyliner doesn’t run until 30 minutes after HS opening, and buses are still required for MK and AK. We are waiting 40-50 minutes for buses. 3 different experiences in that range out of only 5 tries. It is leaving me with a very bad overall impression, even though we have liked everything else. Unless something changes drastically in the next couple days, I certainly won’t be able to recommend CBR. Very sad, because I really like the resort.

Have you considered a ride share? (Lyft / Uber / Minnie Van)

You’ll get to those parks in a fraction of the time in your own private transportation.

For MK - You have to go to The Contemporary Hotel to be dropped off and walk from there, but it’s so much easier.

The rest of the parks have a designated ride share drop off / pick-up location.

It’s been quite a few years since CBR updated the rooms. We were there for a few nights in April and liked it as much as we ever have. It is probably due for a room refurb soon. I hope you have a rental car this trip. CBR without one (or without using Lyft/Uber would be a big no for me). Of course I feel that what about most of the resorts, need that car!


Unfortunately no. Old Port Royale was completely rebuilt (lobby and food options), but no updating to the rooms


I’m wondering why? The bus schedule on the app is fairly accurate when busses arrive. We haven’t had that particular problem.

Absolutely. I tried one trip last summer without a car–never again.

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I thought the rooms were perhaps a part of that. Oh, well–it’s only two nights.

I haven’t been able to go completely without one, I think that I will…but I can’t do it. This past trip we had one from arrival night 12/25 until 1/1. Price was right and we were at CR, then CSR, then Swan. It was crazy expensive to keep it any longer, so dropped it at Dolphin on NYD. We then took a lyft to AK, but managed on the bus back to the Swan and it was okay. Then the kids and I wanted to go to MK around 6:30, just missed the bus so called a Lyft again. I think we rode the bus home that night, but we didn’t stay until close. I am definitely in the rental car/Lyft fan club. I think I am too impatient. :laughing:

Here are pictures from April:

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Thanks for those. Your pictures make me not worry–the room looks nice.


Staying at CBR in a couple of weeks and have been planing on using the buses and Skyliner. With the comments above regarding both, I might have to consider the uber / lift route. Any feedback on how much this costs between CBR and the parks?

A Lyft is about $10. But for MK can only take you to the Ticket and transportation center. Disney Minnie van (Lyft option) - is about $30 and can get you right to the gate at MK.

All other parks, Lyft and Uber can get you reasonably close.

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Hmmm we are frequent visitors to WDW and typically stay either CBR, CSR, or an Epcot resort (BW, BC). We’ve never seen the need for a car rental expense + resort parking fee. We understand the limitations of the Disney system and just use a Lyft - if the need arises. For us, the best way to save money on the Disney budget.

The bus schedule for your resort, now on your app, has even made this no-car approach even easier.

If you want to Lyft/Uber to MK, put your destination in as the Contemporary Resort. Once through the gate have your driver take the first left and drop you off there in the parking lot. They can then exit easily and you just jump on the walking path to MK. $10 at the most.

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