CBR question - Bars

The is a bar at CBR right? Can dh walk there, get us each a drink, and bring them back to the room?

Yes, there is a bar and I believe almost every bar in wdw is always willing to give you the drink to go.

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Yes, there is an outdoor bar next to main pool that has full offerings (beer - draft/cans, wine, liquor), you can also purchase beer/wine from gift shop (cheapest option for bulk onsite) or the QS restaurant has single offerings (beer/wine).

I wish I would have known about the ability to take drinks to go elsewhere on property. I’m from New Orleans so the last time I was out of town and asked for a “go cup”, the bartender looked at me like I had 3 heads. So now I don’t even bother unless I actually see other people doing the same.

Also, we sat at the Banana Cabana @ CBR for a few drinks, and they opened a bottle of wine that we didn’t have an opener for so we didn’t have to purchase a $200 wine opener from Disney!

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