CBR (Preferred) or CSR (Preferred)?

Thinking about Caribbean Beach Resort or Coronado Springs Resort for next trip. Would would need a preferred room to be closer to food and transport etc. Any suggestions and thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi! We have stayed at both CBR and CSR in standard rooms. I preferred CBR. At CBR, if you request Jamaica (or Aruba) you will be just across the bridge to the main pool and food court. We LOVED our location in Jamaica, it was close to the quiet pool and parking, and felt like the walk over to the food and pool was short. The bus stop is also close, though we always drive to the parks. CSR is very similar to CBR, just the theming is different. They are both huge resorts. We stayed in the Ranchos area, 6B I think and found it to also be very close to the main pool, a quiet pool, and the bus stop/parking lot. If you are close to the main pool, you will be far from the food court. We didn’t go to the food court once in 5 days, but did go to the main pool several times so this was a great location for us. We found we didn’t need preferred at either resort, of course your mileage may vary.

thanks @Wahoohokie, being close to the quiet pool sounds good.

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