CBR or Rivers/FQ advice sought

We’re going to be a group of 6 (4 adults and two kids ages 5 and 7). Were hoping for but not counting on connecting rooms. The last time I stayed at CBR was a eons gap, but I’ve been at Riverside at least 3 times since. We’re doing a 10 day trip. I don’t want it to feel rushed, we’ll do pool time at the resorts, have dinner throughout DW. Seeking yours thoughts on any recent pros (ie, is the skyliner worth it) and cons of these resorts and any recommendations for a great family fit.

Tough call - for me, if I’m doing a Mod again, it will have to be CSR. I am not a fan of either of the PO resorts (NOT my style at all), and I’m less a fan of the Skyliner (tried it…NOPE sandwich there) so since CBR has limited Epcot bus service to once per hour, that resort is a no-go for me now.

(But I realize I am very weird in my dislike of the Skyliner and especially my dislike of the POs - especially FQ which is pretty much the darling of many.)

CBR has no elevators in its two-story buildings. Just something to consider.


I love love love POFQ. The resort is so small, the pool is wonderful.

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My last trip I stayed at POR…where normally I’m at CBR. This week I’ll be at CBR again. I haven’t stayed at CBR since the Skyliner opened, but I think that is going to be the game-changer for me and make that my go-to resort. I switched to POR in October because I got so fed up with the CBR buses on the prior trip. The pools at CBR are usually a little more crowded (in my experience) and the pools at POR were mostly quiet (on my trips). The layouts feel the same relative to their size.
If you plan to spend a lot of time at Disney Springs, the boat is also a nice option at POR/FQ
Other than that, they feel pretty much the same to me.

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The skyliner is very cool and convenient. We are here at CDR now. If room updates and laminate floors are important to you, CSR. If convenience of transportation is important, you can’t beat CBR and skyliner. Our room carpet is past due for a cleaning - or trash heap.

As a note. I asked for Aruba 55, and we are extremely close to the Riviera skyliner station.