I am trying to decide between CBR or POP. It is during free dining and there is 250 difference. I have stayed at POP before and enjoyed it but never at CBR. What are your thoughts and would you get a preferred room. TIA

I’ve not stayed at CBR but I’m booked for Nov. CBR is currently going through a refurb with upgrades to queen beds and room furniture. Rooms in Jamaica section are complete and Aruba is under way.

Multiple bus stops and the current full bed (in non refurb) rooms seems to be the most common complaint.

I’m giving it a try. I’ve stayed at PORS with the multiple stops and it was fine.

I’ve stayed at both. CBR can be pretty spread out. At which rooms are you looking? The pirate rooms are really far from everything.

Plan an extra 15-20 minutes for transportation as you’ll need to either walk to the park buses or take the internal buses around.

If you can work with all that, it’s truly a beautiful resort and the pool is a favorite with kids. My DS11 didn’t want to leave that pool. Lol. And the food court has some great selections.

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I would try to get a preferred room to be closer to everything.

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I’ve stayed at both, it’s a tough choice. Very different vibes.

CBR is very spread out. We chose it for our last trip because of the awesome main pool, but ended up using the quiet pool a lot more, as it was much closer to our room. We always had a seat on the bus (our bus stop was usually first to pick up), but it took at least 15 minutes to get out of the resort each day because of all the stops. The theming is not very Disney. (That can be either a plus or minus depending on preferences.) If you don’t get a preferred room, try to get Martinique building 24 or Jamaica building 45.

Pop is more compact. There is one area for all bus stops. But, we often had to stand up on the bus because it was crowded. Food court at Pop is better. Rooms seems to be a bit noisier than CBR. Atmosphere at Pop is definitely more Disney, and higher energy.

Hope that helps you with your decision.

For me, staying somewhere new has some value. Although I can’t say that CBR is worth an extra $250. Maybe split stay with the bulk of your time at Pop and a night or two somewhere new? The pool at CBR is cool; I’d make sure I planned it so that I could use the CBR pool (maybe a rest day if you have a long trip?).

Heard that Disney very smartly made those Pirate rooms b/c that section is so far from everything and people didn’t want to stay there.

Well I was thinking of a preferred room as I think the kids would love the pool and I have a feeling we would be spending a lot of time there. Kinda bummed that it doesn’t look like the preferred section will be redone then. My DH wants to try something new but just as a lot of people I am concerned about the bus wait.thanks for the responses

Good luck. And, hey, you’ll have a blast wherever you go!

$250 over how many nights, @disney5889?

Like @lentesta said How many nights? Staying moderate does upgrade your free QS dinning to DDP. That may be worth the upgrade depending on how many nights and people. We usually stay Pop but are doing CSR because of the free reg DDP. :slight_smile:

We loved CBR in April and found that the 3 biggest complaints about it on lines didn’t apply/affect us. 1. Rental car is the way to go. 2. Jamaica is standard and it took maybe 5-10 min to get to main pool. 3. Beds didn’t bother us and will be same size beds as value, but room size is bigger. Love the 2 sinks you get at a moderate. It sounds like Jamaica has the newly updated rooms with queens though. We much preferred CBR to AOA. It’s so quiet and peaceful after a day in the parks. Never heard our neighbors on either side, though we did see them so know they were there. At a value the walls are super thin so you hear a lot of noise (think alitig posted this morning about being woken up at her value early by peeps having a bit of fun at the crack of dawn). To me, the mods are well worth paying a bit more. Did you include the cost of upgrading to the regular DDP (Pop gets free QS) in the total cost? Well worth it to eat more TS.

Even thought CBR is my least favorite mod I always go mod over value so CBR gets my vote.

It’s for 10 nights.

For 10 nights you definitely want a moderate! Trust me here. 3 nights at AOA was more than enough. Go for quiet :smile:

We are big fans of CBR. So excited they are putting in queen beds. Will likely stay there for our next trip. I do suggest preferred rooms. We were in Martinique and it was so close to everything.