CBR or Pop Century?

Ok Gurus:
I need to decide on whether to stay at CBR or Pop Century.
I am going with my 28 yr old daughter, and we are spending the majority of our time at the parks, so resort ambiance is not that important.
What IS important is transportation… I want to be able to take the skyliner and have easy access to AK by bus.
So my question is… Is the Pop Century Skyliner access way more tedious than CBR access? Is it worth the extra money to stay at CBR due to better Skyliner access??
What are your thoughts on this?

I prefer 1 bus stop so POP wins for us.

Pop is a smaller campus and the rooms are smaller. At pop you are paying moderate prices for value size rooms. CBR is a huge campus and could potentially be a good hike to SL but the rooms are bigger, better food court area and themed pool. We love the pool at CBR.

I am a huge PoP fan. Food court is decent and buses were reliable (our stay was pre-Skyliner). My dd (20yo) and I will be staying across the bridge at AoA in October since PoP wasn’t available.

Since CBR has the hub for the Skyliner (all three routes terminate there), it’s much easier than Pop from a SL view. That’s important mainly at busy times (RD).

Otherwise, we adults like Pop - smaller resort footprint, therefore easy walk to bus/SL/food. All room buildings have elevators, CBR does not (but are only 2-story).

Stay at POP, the skyliner access is totally fine and the bus situation is definitely better. Even if rates were identical I’d probably stay at POP tbh.

Just 2 of you not spending a lot of time at the resort, I’d go for Pop.

There are some rooms at Pop with just a single King bed instead of the queen plus Murphy bed. It gives a bit more room, so you can make a room request for a King bed…of course, no guarantees.

I would 100% do Pop. Just did for a trip with a friend from college. Worked out great for us!

Any advice on which building is preferred and Pop? My goal is best transportation

Definitely Pop. I don’t think you can go wrong with a room in buildings 4, 5, 6, or 10. 9 would be a possibility for buses, but not convenient to SL.

Until last week I would have said CBR but now I would advise POP. Why? Because POP is a lot cheaper like about half the price of CBR which is a moderate resort. Now after staying at Royal Pacific in Universal Studios FL and finding our room had not been touched twice, I asked why and was told because of poor help, not enough help, and Covid policies. My travel agent just informed me that WDW resorts are not servicing rooms either but will provide extra towels and supplies outside your room door. Because of this POP is good enough for us and we have a two week stay in Oct.