I would love some opinions on our situation! :slight_smile: We originally booked 9/17-9/23 at CBR in a standard room. When free dining was announced, we couldn’t get our room type for our dates. We ended up booking 9/10-9/16 in order to get our room type. We later found our original dates at CSR in a standard room and booked that as well to give us time to decide.

So, now I need to decide…do I keep my original dates and dining reservations and stay at CSR? Or do I move my trip up a week to stay at CBR as originally planned? I was able to get most dining reservations in the same general time frame for the earlier week…with the exception of 'Ohana, which I have a reservation finder searching for a reservation for that one for me. We had already booked flights for our original week (but with points on Southwest, so it wouldn’t be a big deal if we were to change those).

I’m leaning towards keeping the original week at CSR just because it is easiest, but will we be disappointed there vs. CBR? It will be me, DH, and DD7. The main thing I can think of that would change in our plans with moving to CSR is that our daughter wouldn’t be able to do the pirate adventure cruise from CBR that we had been planning for her (well I guess she could, but it would involve a lot of effort to get to CBR and I don’t think we want to mess with all of that).

Thanks in advance!

You could use Uber to get to CBR from CSR without too much cost or trouble, otherwise you can take a Disney bus from CSR to a park and then to CBR, which would take a little longer, but free.

I’ve stayed at CBR twice and CSR multiple times. Both stays at CBR were not up to my expectations, but it could have been bad luck. The first time we ran into poor service most places we looked. The second time we had a terrible musty damp room that they couldn’t move us out of. And CBR is very large and you can end up with a room far away from the dining and pools. Plus we didn’t like the fact that check in was in a separate building and far away from the dining and pool area. But, the food court was very good, and the main pool and play area were beautifully themed and so much fun.

CSR is our all-time favorite moderate. We keep going back. We think it’s a beautiful setting, we love the pool and the food court, the CMs have always been great. It is very big, but not quite as big as CBR. I don’t think you would be disappointed if you ended up there.

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Last time we were at CSR we were disappointed - bad housekeeping. I think it is all hit or miss.

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