CBR - Murphy Beds in Martinique Preferred?

Does anyone know what rooms have the murphy beds in Martinique preferred rooms?

it would really brilliant if we had a way to find out where the rooms were with murphy beds in the whole resort, plus which rooms are interconnecting. Also, if it is a corner room it would be lovely to see the room view from both the windows, but I am getting greedy, maybe just a bit too hopeful to get this info, the room views is a fantastic tool as it is, it must take such a dedicated amount of time, and I am really grateful for all the time it has taken, thank you TP

We just got back from there, and stayed in Martinique - they do indeed have the Murphy Beds!

We were in 2559, which had a great view and was a very short walk to Old Port Royale!

I agree, knowing which rooms have the murphy beds or interconnecting rooms would be very helpful. I’m afraid to ask for a specific room without knowing that is available.

I agree that the pictures of the room views are very helpful and are a lot of work. For me, images of both views for the corner rooms are secondary to knowing the murphy bed & interconnecting room situation.

Thanks for your reply!

Thank you! That is very helpful to know. I hope you had a great trip!!

Thanks again for your help!!

It was a wonderful trip, thank you!