CBR Jamaica refurb review, and a murphy bed!

This past weekend we stayed at CBR for the very first time. We were there for three nights, a family of 2 adults and 2 little ones, and we were in a refurbed Jamaica room with a murphy bed!

Thanks to @bswan26 and others who had recommended CBR for our situation – DH didn’t go to the parks this trip, so he needed a nice and relaxing place to hang out while we were out. I usually love Pop, but DH had requested something calmer, and CBR was perfect – quiet, beautiful beaches, hammocks, etc.

We were in building 41, room 4133, on the second floor, and boy do I recommend that room. It is a corner room, so that means an extra window, lots of great natural lighting, very quiet, and from the balcony outside we had a great view of the HS frozen fireworks.

The room itself was beautiful, clean, new, queen beds, triple sheeting, and the murphy bed was great for DD7. My one complaint is maybe a silly one, but I didn’t find any hidden mickeys except for maybe one (that is a stretch) in a painting on the wall. But for my DH who is not a Disney fan, that was just fine by him, ha ha.

The walk might be a problem for others – we were relatively far from the Jamaica busstop. But the walk to the busstop and to the main Port Royale building didn’t bother us at all – it was really pretty and peaceful. But we like to walk anyway.

The buses were kind of annoying, especially when they’d come to Jamaica last. One night coming back from MK we had to stand, and circling the resort added more than ten extra minutes. Wish I would have driven to the parks more (but DS2.9 loves the buses, so we took them to make him happy.)

Hope this room recommendation will help someone out! It was truly a great place to be. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! Glad that you enjoyed your stay at CBR. We are a family of 5 so I had never considered CBR. Love hearing about the addition queen beds and the Murphy bed.

I am so happy to see this review of CBR @B_squared. We requested Jamaica when I made the reservation back in June for our December trip because I heard that was where they were starting with the renovations. I have been concerned about the buses because I was worried about which stop, how much more time, etc. so I decided to reserve a car. How is parking near Jamaica 41, in case we do get that building?

So happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay at CBR. Hope your DH got some downtime and was able to take advantage of the hammocks.

The parking lot was right there and very easy, but some of it is blocked off right now to store trailers with what I am guessing are refurb supplies, so once at night it was hard to find a spot.

Thanks! He did, and also really enjoyed watching soccer on the tv, ha ha! We don’t have many channels at our own house.

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I was in building 42 on Sunday night. Had a king bed room. Very nice refurb. World of difference even coming from an AoA king room the night before. Moderates are worth it for the bed upgrades alone. So much more comfortable. We definitely had parking problems though, but we didn’t get there until about midnight. I had to park about 3 lots over, past the bus stop. We were told by the front desk only Aruba and Jamaica were completed refurbishments at this time.

Thanks for this, we will be there is 7 day!! First time we have ever been out of the Poly and are a little nervous. Glad to hear about this great experience (note: I am not crazy and do not expect it to be a deluxe:) Thanks!)

Have a great time! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review @B_squared. I’ll be at CBR in November but in preferred because of FD so my chances of refurb room is pretty slim. I’m glad it worked out well for your family. The grounds look amazing and I’m looking forward to relaxing with a resort day.

Thanks for the review! 56 days til my CBR trip and I REALLY want those queen beds! Glad you had a good trip.

What buildings does the bus stop at first?