CBR for 5?

I know that CBR is undergoing refurbs, and that some rooms can sleep five, but can you actually book those rooms specifically? When I did a search on Disney’s website and plugged in 2 adults, 3 children it said party size is too big to book this resort. I clicked on the chat now option, and the CM said the only thing they were told is that the resort is getting queen size beds…so that was not helpful. Anyone here know?

There is not currently a separate category for booking that room type. No work yet on whether that will be done once the refurb is completed. I would imagine it will be handled in the same way POR is for it’s AB section with the murphy beds.

We stayed at CBR Labor Day weekend and got one of the new rooms with a Murphy Bed – we didn’t request it, just ended up there. I believe our room number was #4133. I posted a review of it once we returned. Here the link:

Have a great trip!

When booking our BB offer I asked about them. The CM told me that they were releasing those rooms for booking sometime between December and early February. Until them they will only book for parties of 4 or less.


We currently have FD in 2 rooms at Pop in Dec for the 9 of us (1 kid under three) but my two college age daughters think they may be able to come now as well, so it would work out actually cheaper to do 2 rooms here or at POR (but FD wasn’t offered there) vs 3 rooms at POP. Doesn’t seem like this will be an option though at all at this point though.