CBR / Epcot Commute

Hi -

I’m confused about the commute time between Caribbean Beach Resort & Epcot. On the Touring Plans hotel page ( http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/hotels/disneys-caribbean-beach-resort ), it says the time is 35 mins?

But… other websites I check don’t match this. Also… isn’t CBR an Epcot resort??

Magic Kingdom 23 min
Epcot 35 min
Hollywood Studios 23 min
Animal Kingdom 31 min

Reason I ask, is that we have a toddler and are thinking of taking a midday break, but with a 35 min commute, we may be wise to not go in the morning and just head out post-nap.

It’s considered an Epcot resort, but it isn’t an easy route. 35 min seems a bit high, but its not as easy as it seems to do.

Twiz says 12 minutes.


I’ve stayed twice at CBR, with a rental car both times. My travel times from parking spot at the hotel to parking spot at Epcot were (all times in minutes): 14, 15, 11, 15

Driving back to the resort from Epcot, my driving times were as follows: 8, 10, 16.

Based on that, I’d like at 35 minutes as a worst case scenario if riding the bus, since that would assume you’d wait close to 20 minutes for a bus and possibly still have many stops after boarding the bus. There are a lot of stops on the property, so depending on whether you board at the first or last stop your travel time may vary by 6-8 minutes.

Yes- it is very close and shouldn’t take that long. I’d think that’s a “just missed a bus” estimate.

Thanks for the responses. I just find it strange that it takes 12 more minutes to get to Epcot than MK. I think we will take an afternoon break and hope for the best.