CBR construction Q

28 days! I’m getting my room request ready, I had it all set but then thought I saw a report on chat that the bridge at CBR was closed. Now I can’t find the chat! Has anyone been recently and can share if the bridge was closed during your visit? I was thinking of requesting Aruba 53 or Jamaica 46, but if the bridge across Caribbean Cay over to Centertown/the feature pool is closed I will change my mind! Thanks all!

Not sure about the bridge, but Port Royale is closed. The pool is still open. Temp dining facility outdoors under a tent. Breakfast buffet and food trucks for lunch and dinner. I’ll post a link to an article when I get back to my computer.

Here’s the promised link

@lottendpr: It is reported that the bridge from the Customs House is closed, not the Caribbean Cay bridge. If you do not have a car Bell Services has been assisting with transporting people to their buildings after check- in. I check in 69 days, please report how your trip was. Have a magical vacation!

As long as the bridge is open, Jamaica was a great location! First on and first off the buses and a short walk to the pool. We stayed there last June and loved it!

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Yes this is what I’ve heard! We will have a car so can unload ourselves no problem. I just want to have short walk to the pool. I didn’t realize there were two bridges on property. Thanks all for the help!

So we stayed in Jamaica building 44, location was fine. Island Market in room 4308 so buildings 43 and 44 were nice and close to a food option. Bridge to Caribbean Cay was open and had no sign of construction anywhere near it. We only swam 3 times, twice at the quiet pool and only once across the bridge at the big pool. But we were with a group so we did what everyone else did. Hope that helps!

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Any news of when the room finder will be updated?