CBR connecting room numbers

Hi all
40 days!! I am now preparing for our fax room request. We are going with my parents and have requested connecting (I think I have that right - rooms with a door linking them) rooms in Jamaica/Aruba. I have checked the room views/info on TP; however, it doesn’t indicate whether or not there are connecting rooms. I know some have said that there are connecting rooms in these buildings, I just don’t know the room numbers. Does anyone know of room numbers in these sections that have adjoining rooms? Thanks.

From all I have heard, you are better off just requesting connecting rooms rather than specifying specific room numbers. They will know what you mean by connecting rooms anyway, so there is no need to give examples.

Thanks @brklinck. That request was put on our original reservation as well. I guess I will request rooms in either Aruba or Jamaica and then specify that the most important thing is that the rooms are adjoining…and if that’s not possible, connecting. Thanks.

I think that you mean to say that the most important thing is that the rooms are connecting, and if that is not possible then adjoining. Adjoining rooms are next to each other, and connecting rooms are adjoining rooms that also have an internal door connecting them.