CBR, Cabins at FW, or POR?

Possible change in travel plans! Had booked AKL but now have 5 people instead of 2! Looking for best place for 2 adults and 3 kids (7, 9, 10). 2 nights, one MK day. Kids love to swim and play. Going in March. Had planned on relaxing and enjoying AKL! Worth the change for our kids to vacation together. Thanks for any ideas!

Such a quick trip, relaxing at hotel probably won’t happen much. Cabins would give you the boat straight to MK.

Thank you! we usually do 2 nights and 2 parks so just one park seems “relaxing”! There have been so many twists to this vacation…my parents are also joining us for our one night at Universal but we are getting them their own room!!!

Of those choices, I prefer CBR. Great feature pool (with slides), awesome new food court, and plenty of both open space and beach area for the kids to play in.