CBR buses to Rope Drop?

We are staying at CBR in a few weeks. What’s the best way to get to RD for magic kingdom? On the buses? If we end up in Jamaica- would the best bet be to walk to the first bust stops to ensure we get on one? I’m worried we’ll miss buses because it’s the last stop. Anyone stayed there recently with bus experiences? If park opens at 9:00, when should we get to bus stop to RD?

I stayed in Jamaica a few weeks ago. We rope dropped, were at the bus stop (its the first stop!) at about 7:50 got picked right up. The bus did have to travel around the resort, but no other passengers came aboard. We were at MK by 8:30!

Oh good! I’ve been told it’s the last stop by a few people! So maybe it has switched! Thanks for the info!

I am wondering about using the Riviera buses instead and if I should arrive an hour early to the parks for rope drop early openings. Need to know if bus or Uber is best?! What about the Skyliner that early?! Any/all thoughts appreciated!!

You can definitely use Riviera buses if you walk over there. I think most people plan on an hour before RD, but someone who has been recently could probably answer that better. Uber is probably faster though, if you are willing to pay for it.
The skyliner starts running an hour before park opening, and it forms quite a line at CBR. It’s my understanding that buses will only be offered for non-skyliner parks. Aka, you can’t take an Epcot bus from CBR because they don’t have that option.

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yes, that’s my understanding too: if the skyliner is running then they won’t have buses running to EC or HS. I wonder if they make exceptions for opening/closing hours?