CBR Bus Stops question

What area would be the best bus stop in CBR in regards to guaranteeing a seat on the bus as well as how many more stops along the property before heading to parks?

I know which areas I prefer to be in, but I’m curious if different areas create a longer ride around the property and/or a full bus possibility before it gets to my stop. If this is something that doesn’t matter at all on CBR, let me know :slight_smile:

As of now I’m requesting rooms in Aruba building 52 to be close to laundry, transportation and to only have to cross the bridge to the restaurants.

I have the following from another source - not sure how accurate it may be. We’re in Martinique in 8 days!!

Buses going from CBR TO MK and DTD/TL take the following route:
Mart. -> OPR -> Trin. North -> Trin. South-> Jamaica -> Aruba -> Barb. -> Exit

Buses going from CBR TO Epcot, DHS, and AK/BB take the following route:
Jamaica -> Aruba -> Barb. -> Mart. -> OPR-> Trin. North -> Trin. South -> Exit

Oh thanks! @TriSec13

If you remember, please let me know what the route is. Have fun! I wish I would be there in a week.

That’s a nice spot - we stayed in the water side of Aruba 51 and was nice to be right near the bridge.

Also, when heading for buses, we walked over to the stop behind Jamaica 45/46 and the bus came into the loop from outside right there - so, first on the empty bus. Most times back we were also first off.

I know they’ve broken up the route a bit since then, but I have read a message or two saying the bus still comes in there.

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Hi again. We’re just back from this resort.

Take a look at our friendly map - right at Jamaica, you’ll see a little driveway that goes out to Victory Way. This is the bus entrance.

So, all the buses from every theme park do this route, no exceptions:
Jamaica - Aruba - Barbados - Martinique - Old Port Royale - Trinidad North - Trinidad South - EXIT.

We stayed at Martinique, and this worked out great. I’d recommend staying at a village with a stop before Old Port Royale. You’ll almost always get a seat in the morning, and you get dropped of early at the end of the day. You can also use any bus as the internal shuttle to go get breakfast in the morning, too.


@TriSec13, I hope you had a wonderful trip!! We will be at CBR in 19 days!!! We will have my sweet mama with us (82 yrs young) and we are finalizing our requests for either Martinique or Jamaica, hoping for a bus stop that would be first on the loop to ensure we will have no trouble getting a bus, since we will be using a wheelchair for her. I hope you don’t mind if I ask a couple of questions :innocent:

Could you please share your room # and if there was a murphy bed in your room :relaxed: We are booked standard and there are 5 of us so we are hoping for a building close to OPR and a bus stop (maybe 22/23 in Martinique or 44/45 in Jamaica)
Having a recent stay in Martinique, do you think we would have any issues getting on the bus using a wheelchair with it being 4th on the bus loop?
I had read on another blog that during busier times of the day, they will run 2 bus routes: one that starts at Mart. -> OPR -> Trin. North -> Trin. South->out and another one that starts at Jamaica -> Aruba -> Barb. ->out

Someone posted on Disboards that he was in Martinique in mid August, stayed in Martinique and they were always first on the bus route and always had an empty bus so I am sooo confused :confused:

Thank you in advance for any input

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We were in 2343, which is a second floor room. We did have a murphy bed. I can’t speak for any first-floor rooms.

As long as your bus stop is before OPR/Centertown, you should not have any issues boarding with a wheelchair.

I don’t think there can be any variance on the bus routes - all the stops are on the “inside” of the main loop, and they are all in and out at the same driveway. We never noticed any variance during our stay.

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So from reading the responses if one wanted to be the first group of people on and off the buses to and from the parks is it better to stay at Jamaica than Martinique?

When we stayed in January, we were in Barbados. I can tell you that was the last stop when coming in from the parks. When heading out to parks, we were somewhere in the middle. I couldn’t make heads or tails out of who was being picked up/dropped off first.

We also had runDisney events we were going to and those stops were also in a different order than the normal order for park buses.

For anyone who has stayed at CBR recently, is this still the bus stop order? Thanks!
Jamaica - Aruba - Barbados - Martinique - Old Port Royale - Trinidad North - Trinidad South - EXIT