CBR - Bus questions from a serious rope dropper

I will be heading down for my first solo trip in two weeks. We have rope drop down to a science from Pop but I will be staying at CBR this time. We had rough RD luck from POR a few years ago due to the bus routes. I’m wondering what the current first stop is and if the multiple stops in resort cause a RD delay. I’m well trained lol and tend to be one of the first at taps and first at ropes type of gal. So wanting to have my act together! Thanks so the advice!

There are 5 bus stops - I will be there soon and am planning to go to Old Port Royale to get the bus. That should be the second stop - but also might cause a delay in getting there before other resorts.

If you’re concerned, you might want to take the Riviera buses.

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It’s been a while since we stayed there, but at the time, the first stop was Martinique and 2nd was Old Port Royale. If that’s still the case, I’d go to Martinique because sometimes just the people there filled up the bus.

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We have stayed at CBR three times. Always at Jamaica. Just across the parking lot to the bus stop. Last stay pre-covid.

We’re rope droppers also but rarely saw any crowd waiting for a bus except one morning when we were leaving the resort at about 8 am (official park opening). So astonishing to see a CM with a clipboard lining guests up according to park.

Since covid we’ve stayed twice at Saratoga. Once in the same building as a pre-covid stay. Same experience - maybe there are two or three or four other families waiting for a bus. That Saratoga bus stop is not a first stop. I think it might be second.

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