Castle Refurbishment

Just wondering if anyone had any insight on the refurbishment status for Sleeping Beauty’s castle. The Disneyland blog had stated it would be closed through “spring.” The daily event calendar has it closed up until May 27th. However, when I was creating my personal touring plan for May 8th it did not denote the same closure (it did show the closure for Casey Junior and Storybook Land Canals) so I was wondering if perhaps it might open up prior to their projection on the calendar???

Considering that the official Disneyland entertainment calendar lists it down until May 27th I would still expect the castle to be under refurbishment on May 8th. It’s not uncommon for Disney to finish early on a refurb but usually only just 1-2 days with “soft openings”, never by more than that.

My guess is that the touring plan software hasn’t been updated to extend the closure of Sleeping Beauty Walkthrough past the original estimate (which I believe was in April sometime to reflect Disney’s “Spring” mention). And even though the rides Casey Jr and Storybook Land Canal boats have been added, since the walkthrough isn’t a ride & has been under extensive refurbishment it maybe hasn’t been on the Touring Plan’s staff radar to update.