Cast Member Training for Disney Genie Service Begins at Closed Finding Nemo Theater

The other thing that grinds my gears is when they put “BREAKING” in front of simple announcements.

“BREAKING: Star Wars Hotel to open in 2022”… That’s not breaking. That’s just an announcement by Disney. Breaking implies there’s more to the story coming, or some analysis or something. But there isn’t anything else in that.


They do this for every single Disney announcement. SO annoying,


WDWNT was not wrong. In fact, they rarely are. They said that Disney hadn’t confirmed this, but it ended up being true.

They get a lot of flack here, but I haven’t found them to be unreliable in the slightest. Click baity, sure. But not unreliable.


Clearly you like to argue semantics, but “closed permanently” is wrong/incorrect in my opinion. A Finding Nemo show will still be there in 2022. You don’t see people saying that Splash Mountain will “close permanently” even though it will close for a substantial update/complete retheme!


The article wasn’t technically but the headline was definitely fake news!




Indeed this is accurate


I posted on another thread. All those performers that were contacted that they no longer have jobs because their show is permanently closed- most likely don’t agree yesterday’s story was false. I feel bad for them. I also think it is horrible that so many people posted on Twitter feeds yesterday (where they were posting the WDWNT story was true) saying how happy they were it was closing.

I will go away now.


This is my feeling, precisely.

OK but if the replacement show is called something else and introduces new characters etc. then isn’t it as accurate to say Finding Nemo is closing permanently as the announcements made when one night fireworks/lights show ends at a park even if something similar will replace it?
Or the bird show at AK?

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Particularly since we haven’t heard of cast being hired for the 2022 show.

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The announcement states “ Disney Live Entertainment team is still in the early stages of development for the show,”

No way can they hire for the show since it is in early stage of development?

Then they could have put on the old Nemo show until they were at that point.

No, there were multiple cast members posting good-byes.

Apparently to meet Equity rules, to revamp a show the original has to close. I’m skeptical of what they will do - it was wonderful as it was and something I always made time for. Unlike the other show which IMHO is tired and old and needs a revamp - or a new show - badly.