Cast Member previews at SWGE at DHS Aug 1st-16th, maybe AP previews start Aug.17th or 18th

and run through August 16th

[Link to story at blog mickey]


I would wager a guess that AP preview will start on Saturday August 17th and if they follow what they did with Pandora it will run through Sunday August 25th.

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I’ve heard starting 18th. But they’re checking dates and I’ll post if I get anything else.

I have absolutely no info about the start date, just guessing based off of what they did with Pandora preview which started on a Saturday and ran through the following weekend, this way you give AP holders four weekend days.

Have you heard anything about how long they will run?

Just “the week of the 18th” so far.

Just an update.

Some AP holders, including gold members have received an email in the last 2-3 hours about SW:GE. No details about previews, just about the opening date etc.

However this does at least help a little.

  • If you received the email, and are a Platinum AP holder, at least you know you’re “in the system”. Although that doesn’t mean you’ll get one about the previews in time to sign up, so you need to keep watching out for notifications.
  • If you didn’t get the email and you’re a Platinum AP holder, then you definitely need to keep watching for notifications.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the update! I’m a platinum AP holder, but no emails yet… I’ve been obsessively checking email, chat, and this forum multiple times per day all week! :crazy_face: I don’t even have a trip booked for August at this point, but I’ve been shopping around and I’d book a package in five minutes if I snag an AP preview…

I actually got the email so I am feeling more hopeful that I will get the notification for the preview.

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