Cash vs Card in the parks

Is there anywhere is the parks that you can’t use card or the magic bands to pay? I plan on linking our magic bands to my American Express card, bringing the card with us into the parks and our debt card but will I need to bring more then like $20 cash into the parks too?

Really only the toy carts and vendors that go into the stands at fantasmic are the only ones I can think of that don’t take cards.

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If you want to play games at the Frontierland Shooting gallery or the Space Mountain arcade, you’ll need cash (converted into coins, which you can do at those locations. I think the Chester & Hester’s Dinorama games at AK also only take cash.

Keep in mind you’re not “linking your magic band to your American Express card”. Your magic band is used to charge to your Disney hotel room, and you’ve given Disney permission to pay any hotel room charges with your American Express. Therefore, you will not see individual charges on your AmEx statement, just one big one at the end of your stay, or a few big charges if/when you reach the charging limit on your hotel room.

Space Mountain Arcade has been closed @Mr_Itty.

Dang. I forgot about that. :frowning:

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You will get an itemized list of what you spent through the hotel however, so you can check it out that way.

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The space mountain arcade closed? My husband is going to be upset he was looking forward to that he is a gamer.

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I don’t think the balloon salesmen on Main St. have magic band scanners.


Correct – none of those type of vendors do (at least in my experience).

Oh, pressed penny machines. You’ll need quarters and pennies for those, no cards allowed.