Casey's Corner Beef or Pork Hot Dog

Looking for some quick service food options in the parks and Casey’s is convenient, sounds tasty only problem is we don’t eat pork. Looking for a beef hot dog in beef casing and WDW Dining couldn’t confirm if the dogs are pork or beef. Anyone know? Thanks!

I don’t know the answer to this specific restaurant, but I will say that in all my dining research - which has been obsessively extensive due to the fact that my son has food allergies and is very very picky - I have found most places serve all beef hotdogs. My son only eats the pork ones, so I’ve pretty much scratched hotdogs off my list of meals for him.

They are a mixture of chicken and beef.

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Good to know, hot dogs are an ambiguous food area in many respects! What animal, which part of the animal? Tee hee Thanks for sharing your experience.

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